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NGOs in Junagadh

Junagadh has a number of NGOs working on various social issues like education, literacy, family, health, environmental issues, women-related problems, drinking water, sanitation and many more. These NGOs have been playing a crucial role in the development of rural Junagadh. The government and other private organizations have been lending helping hand both in terms of financial and social support to these NGOs, thereby contributing to the development of Junagadh.

NGOs in Junagadh

Following is a list of all the NGOs, active in Junagadh:

Adarsh Yuva And Mahila Vikash Sanstha

Address: B M Pandya Sajavat Apartment
Behind New ST Stand, Shashvat Talala
Gir, Dist - Junagadh
Gujarat, Pin - 362150
Telephone: 02877-220327
Mobile No: 9979065031
E-mail: sandipjoshi_talal@yahoo.co.in
This NGO is mainly working on key issues like forests and environment, animal husbandry, poverty elevation, tribal and tourism affairs, micro finance etc. and a lot of other things which empowers the rural people of Junagadh.

Gramin Vikash Trust
Address: Talala Near Sajavat Aparment
Ta- talala Dist. Junagadh
Pin - 362150
Telephone: 02877-220327
Mobile No: 9979065031
E-mail: sandipjoshi-talal@yahoo.co.in
The Gramin Vikhas Trust is helping in empowering women and is also working on their development. Other areas which this NGO is working is on poverty elevation, drinking water issues, civic issues and other health, family and other welfare activities.

Shree Veljibhai Domadia Memorial Trust
Address: Shree Veljibhai Domadia Memorial Trust
Near Majevadi Gate, Junagadh
Pin - 362001
Telephone: 0285-2660849
Mobile No: 9427569451
E-mail: Vinsomany@rediffmail.com
Fax: 0285-2660944
This trust is mainly working oh farmer related activities like water resources, fertilizers, seeds, land development and other agriculture related research and development activities. This trust is helping a lot in empowering the rural farmers with latest technologies to help farming.

Divya Jyoti Education And Charitable Society
Address: Shree Kamaliya Vijanand Masribhai
Near Limda Chouk At-Vachavala-362275
Telephone: 02876-341314
Mobile No: 9924064195
E-mail: divyajyotaducation@rediffmail.com
This charitable society is mainly concentrated on rural development activities like helping the farmers and coordinating and working together with water bodies and organizations.

Shree K B Gohil Smarak Trust

Address: Gohil Ni Khan c/o Vivah Furniture
Near Railway Station, Kodinar
Junagadh, Pin - 362720
Telephone: 02795-220932
Mobile No: 9227718001
E-mail: gohilabhu@gmail.com
This NGO is working on a lot of issues and has wide spread network across the state. It works on Information & Communication Technology, Human rights, food, forests and environment related works, rural and dalit empowerment, HIV/AIDS, legal awareness and a lot of other areas.

Somnath Education and Charitable Trust
Address: Kodinar Sivam
Opposite Government Hospital
Kodinar, Dist. Junagadh
Telephone: 02795-223880
Mobile no: 9228241090
E-mail: sect@rediffmail.com
Website Url: www.somnathbedcollege.org
Fax: 02795-220021
The trust has experience working on a wide range of sectors. It works in Information & Communication Technology, family and health related areas, literacy and education, environment related problems, women empowerment, dalit upliftment, civic issues etc.

Dinbandhu Education And Charitable Trust

Address: c/o Vijay K. Karena Nandanvan Main Road
Near Arjun Apartment, Joshipura
Telephone: 0285-2612102
Mobile No: 09427707168
E-mail: dinbandhutrust@gmail.com
The NGO works on key issues like women and rural empowerment helps in educating the farmers on agricultural practices, concentrates on civic and health related issues, forests and environment related activities and a lot of other activities.

Sarvoday Charitable Trust
Address: At & Post- Bamnasa (Ghed)
Via- Nandia Dist- Junagadh
Telephone: 0285-2674069
Mobile No: 9924968481
E-mail: drupad.patel143@gmail.com
This NGO is mainly into environment related activities. They mainly coordinate with Forest department of Junagadh and develop nursery activities and plant trees across the district.

Bhumi Social And Welfare Society
Address: Bhumi Social & Welfare Society
12, Jitendra Complex, Ist Floor
Kalva Chowk, Jaishree Cinema Road
Telephone: 0285-2652727
Mobile No: 09825220333
E-mail: bswsjunagadh@gmail.com
Fax: 0285-2652727
This NGO concentrates on a lot of social and society related issues like civic and health issues. Apart from these this NGO also concentrates on animal husbandry, fisheries, disaster management, women empowerment, human rights, HIV related issues and a lot of other activities.

Late Shree K H Pungera Education and Charitable Trust
Address: Barula(gir) Via Sherbag(Gadu)
Tal Malia(Hatina)
Dist Junagadh
Telephone: 02878-224275
Mobile No: 9427258270
E-mail: govindbhaipungera@yahoo.com
This charitable trust works on education, family welfare, health and rural development activities. This also works on other activities like education, literacy, empowerment of downtrodden people, women’s empowerment etc.

Gurukrupa Education and Charitable Trust
Address: Vaja Rambhai Kadvabhai Aadarsh Primary School
Gandhinagar Society
Telephone: 9427-286066
E-mail: gurukrupatrust@yahoo.com
This charitable trust mainly works on education and literacy improvement activities. The help in educating the rural people and women and children in particular.

Mangrol Taluka Sarvoday Seva Samiti
Address: "Sarvoday Bhavan", Near Jayant Tokiz
Tower road, Mangrol
Dist. Junagadh Pin : 362225
Telephone: 02878-223005
Mobile No: 9714927803
E-mail: Sharadmehta_Sarvoday_Seva_Samiti@yahoo.co.in
Fax: 02878-224617
This NGO works on a wide range of activities like science and technology, health, family, civic issues, environment and forests, drinking water, children health, women empowerment, poverty elevation, education, literacy improvement etc.

Pashu Pakshi Prani Kalyan Mandal
Address: Pashu Pakshi Prani Kalyan Mandal
Khadia Ta, Dist. Junagadh
Gujarat 362263
Telephone: 0285-2681334, 0285-2681373
Mobile No: 09428014478
E-mail: vfkhadia@yahoo.in
This NGO works on family welfare and heath related issues apart from Panchayati Raj, drinking water facilities, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, forests and environment, education, literacy and other development activities.

Jaldhara Foundation
Address: C/o Rameshbhai Rabadiya
At & Post Village- Ramrechi,
Ta. Talala ( Gir )
Dist. Junagadh – 362150
Telephone: 0285-2632122
Mobile No: 9375218400
E-mail: jaldhara@yahoo.com
The main issue this foundation works on is the disaster management, health, family welfare and human right activities. This also works on key other problems related to the society.

Jeevandeep Heath Education And Charitable Trust
Address: At Kodinar, 2/12, Rajnagar Society
Chorwadi Mandir Road
Near by-pass, Kodinar
Telephone: 02795-210407, 02795-210407
Mobile No: 9898320881
E-mail: jeevandeepkodinar@gmail.com
This NGO works on mainly health related issues. They work on helping the disabled, prevention of disabilities among children, rehabilitation for the disabled, HIV, AIDS related issues, child and youth development activities etc.

Saurashtra Economic Development Center

Address: 104, Suvidha Complex, Talav Gate
Telephone: 0285-2654107
Mobile No: 9429363352
E-mail: sedc104@rediffmail.com
This development center mainly works on society related issues like drinking water, sanitation, literacy, education, Micro finance. Etc. It also works with forest and environmental organizations, rural development, poverty elevation, women empowerment, food processing and other major issues in the society.

Shreeji Education Trust

Address: "Vishal", 103, Dipanjali Society
Anand Nagar, Near Akshar Vadi
Telephone: 0285-2671465
Mobile No: 9727668958
E-mail: shreejiedutrust@gmail.com
The key issues this trust works on are the education and environmental issues. They work with education and literacy development bodies, forest departments, environmental activists, health and family problems etc.

Junagadh District Mahila Mandal
Address: Kadri Manzil, Near Collector Office
Limda Chowk
Telephone: 0285-2621942, 0285-2654181
Mobile No: 9824298565
E-mail: jndmahilamandal@gmail.com
This mahila mandal manly works for women and has many activities for the empowerment of women. Hey work on women rights, help on domestic violence, women empowerment, self-help, economic development, child education, self-help group development, microfinance, and decrease the mortality rate of women & children, organizing income generating activities etc.

Vikas Foundation
Address: Vikas Foundation Po
Khadia Ta, Dist. Junagadh
Gujarat 362263
Telephone: 0285-2681373
Mobile No: 09427736269
E-mail: pppkm_khadia@rediffmail.com
Vikas foundation mainly works on society related issues like poverty elevation, water resources, health and family, drinking water facilities, vocational trainings, rural development, Right to Information, Panchayat Raj, Micro finance and a lot of other activities.

Kastruba Sarvajanik Shishan Mandal
Address: Kasturba Sarvajanik Shikshan Mandal
Post - Khadia Ta, Dist. Junagadh
Gujarat 362263
Telephone: 0285-2681334
Mobile No: 09428014478
E-mail: shivanand_bharti2000@yahoo.com
The key issues this NGO fights on are women’s empowerment and development, poverty elevation, tribal affairs, housing, nutrition, rural development, education, literacy, health and family welfare, clean drinking water etc.

Girpachhat Jativikass Evasamiti
Address: Madhupur (gir) Tal
Talala (gir) Dist, Junagadh
Pin 362150
Telephone: 02877-284655
Mobile No: 9979676847
E-mail: girpachhatjatisevavikassamiti@gmail.com
This NGO mainly works on helping the labor and the down trodden people. It fights for labor and employment rights, Right to Information, poverty elevation, empowerment of the poor, vocational training and poverty eradication.

Nirant Foundation
Address: Aakhodad village
Block Keshod
Dist. Junagadh
Pin 362220
Telephone: 02871-258880
Mobile No: 09909298056
E-mail: mkadia.jayanti@gmail.com
This NGO works on wide range of activities including animal husbandry, women and dalit empowerment, Micro finance, nutrition, renewable energy, drinking water facilities, disaster management, children and civic issues, health and family welfare and a lot of activities.

Ekta Education Trust
Address: Gokul Dham, Mangroad Road
Near New Haweli, Keshod 362220
Telephone: 02871-232176
Mobile No: 9825137061
E-mail: dhrutesh.patel@gmail.com
The trust mainly works on education and literacy related activities. They help the poor and talented children in continuing the education and provide both financial and social support.

Divyashakt Imandal

Address: Hatkeshwar Temple
Nana nagar wada, Bahar kot
Pin: 362225
Telephone: 02878-223693
Mobile No: 9574991019
E-mail: gauswamihk@gmail.com
The NGO works on all children related works and also works on social and health related issues. They frequently conduct Ayurveda camps and distribute medicines.

Amardeep Education and Welfare Society
Address: New Nager Wada Road
Inside Taluka Shala No.1
Telephone: 0285-2627220
Mobile No: 9426376908
E-mail: amardeep.ews@gmai.com
There are a lot of activities this NGO works on. Some of the issues this NGO works on are education, liyeracy, forest and environmental issues, food processing, legal awareness, human rights, Right to Information, disaster management, dalit and women empowerment, children issues, civic and health issues, art and culture etc.

Lok Samarpan
Address: Naredi, Lok Samarpan Trust
Singal Suresh G. Ta- Vanthali
Dist. Junagadh 362610
Telephone: 02872-256458
Mobile No: 9879716423
E-mail: lok.samarpan@yahoo.com
The main issues this NGO works on are the micro finance, legal awareness, housing, Human rights, disaster management, women empowerment, civic and health related issues, agriculture, arts and culture etc. Apart from these the NGO also works on other main problems prevailing in the society.

Sorath Development Foundation
Address: Office No.-9 , Dhara Complex
Ground Floor, Opposite Bus Stand
Junagadh- 362 001, Gujarat
Telephone: 0285-2630985
Mobile No: 9925751589
E-mail: sorath_jnd@yahoo.in
This NGO works on wide range of issues including agriculture, forest, environment, rural development, Micro finance, poverty removal, Micro Small & Medium Enterprises, education, literacy etc.

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