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Junagadh Craft Work

Gujarat houses many types of art and craft which has gained popularity in the world. Gujarat has a district Junagadh which is famous for Asiatic lion and has vast area covered under forest. The mount Girnar is a part of Junagad tourism and is considered as a religious place of almost all religion. Junagadh city has beautiful architecture of the time of ruling dynasties.

The famous art and craft work of Junagadh district are Textile Traditions, Embroidery, Metal Crafts, Silver Jewelry and Stone Finesse.

Embroidery and Braid Work of Junagadh

embroidery work of Junagadh

The artists of Jnagadh are famous for their embroidery work. The different embroidery stitches done by the artists make the simple looking cloth very beautiful and expensive. The traditional art work was done by hands by artists till many years which made the art work very expensive and rare. Embroidery work in Junagadh is one of the main sources of income. The embroidery work and its designs of ancient times are popular till date.

The embroidery using needle and colored threads are done on cloth using frames of different size. The designs on the cloth are using stencil on which the thread work is done. The tikris and beads are stitched on the cloth using needle and thread. The other method of embroidery used by artists is jaali or net embroidery done in geometric or floral shapes.

The Maldhari and Siddis communities of Junagadh are famous for different style of craft work. Maldharis is famous for distinct style of embroidery and the Siddhis community which stays out of forest is known for fashioning local wood into a series of string and percussion instruments. The fascinating wood work originally belongs to eastern Africa.

Handicraft of Junagadh

Junagadh district in Gujarat leads in bead embroidered and braided work. The other well known art and craft work of the district are manufacturing of torans, toys, decorative hangings, and showpieces. Along with these craft work the district is also famous for wood and metal smiths work. The wood and metal smith work can be admired till date and the craft work is still used in sculpting and adorning the doors of the Havelis.

The famous art work of Junagadh is still alive and can also be seen engineered on iron and brass fittings on bullock carts. Now-a-days the use of craft work can be seen in marriages and processions.

Bead Work of Junagadh

Jewellery of Junagadh

Gujarat is the centre for bead craft which is the art of making household decorative items like chaklas, Indhonis, Mangal kalash, torans and jewellery like necklaces and earrings. Motifs and patterns differ in every individual artwork. Bead craft is also used for making home décor items. Junagadh is also famous for the gem-encrusted carpets and the Nawab’s tapestry in the museum and wardrobes.

Junagadh and Doraji in Rajkot district are famous for cradles with stands, cupboards with cubicles and jhula or swing which are typical of Gujarat. The wood-carver community of Gujarat, known as the mewara mistris, work in rural and urban areas.

Stone Finesse of Gujarat

Gujarat has the preserved treasure of stones in the form of marble, quartz, granites and sandstone. The famous art work by the artists has been inherited from by the present artists. The artists who did the famous work of temple craving and monument belong to Sompura community. The domestic item craved from the stone by the artists is temple, furniture and jewelry.

Sandstone Work in Junagadh

Sandstone treasure is found in Gujarat. The precious item for architect and artist is found very commonly in Gujarat. The texture of the stone is soft enough to be craved and given different shapes by artists.

Historical evidences show that these sandstones have been used from the Indus Valley Civilization The craved red sandstone statuette of the priest that belongs to Indus civilization reflects the art work of that era. The stones have been used by different dynasties in carving temples, step wells and other monuments. The implementation of shilpa-shastra and vaastu-shastra in temples can be seen in the form of the fine work of artists in the temples. The glorious work of the artists depicting the historical stories of legendary kings, myths that were followed, god and goddesses which were worshiped, belief in angles and the presence and terror of demons in the form of sculptures are worth seeing.

The connection of Gujarat and sandstones has been from years. The use of these earthy, grainy and encrusted sandstone has been attracting humans from centuries. These sandstones has been used by humans to enhance external beauty. The sandstone so formed using the sand and quartz has been in use since years by the people of Gujarat for both domestic and community purposes. One of the famous uses of sandstone is in decorating the beautiful preserved architecture of the city. The glorious story of the state is narrated by the beautiful architecture of the city.

Craft of Junagadh

The colors of the sandstone found in the district of Junagadh ranges from deep brown to yellow ochre, serene white to playful purple, tan to gray, etc. The look of the stones attract humans but the texture of the stone varies with the environment it was naturally developed. These sandstones are used by the artists by craving and giving it different shapes. The stones so shaped in different forms are used as decorative building material. These wide ranges of colorful stones are also craved in some delicate forms used in domestic wares. 

Sandstones are precious element for artists and architects. The properties of the sandstones of being durable, colorful, etc always attracts numerous customers. The use of the sandstones in different forms be it in water pots, paste grinders, carved windows, engraved memorials, decorative items, utilitarian products, etc keeps the customer close to the nature.

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